About sports massage

What is sports massage?

Sport Massage is a no nonsense massage technique that deals directly with the body’s soft tissue, with tailored sessions to meet the needs of all sporting enthusiasts, from social fun running to international standard professionals.

The science behind Sport Massage has developed over the years to deal with the specific conditions that the human body experiences, before and after being pushed to the max. It utilises techniques such as joint mobilisation, Muscle Energy Technique, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Soft Tissue Release and Neuro Muscular Technique.

Sport Massage is often combined with Remedial Massage, this is to assist healing & rehabilitation of injuries, dysfunction and to facilitate movement.

Physical effects of massage are:

– Encourage the muscles to take in oxygen and absorb nutrients, which promotes faster healing.

– Stretches muscles to release tension or stress caused by excess physical activity.

– Break down scar tissue.

– Helps improve elasticity of tissues.

Physiological effects:

– Helps reduce the impact of day to day pain

– Muscles are considerably more relaxed.

Psychological effects:

– Reduce levels of anxiety and stress.

– Stimulate a sense of overall well being and health.

Why do we need a massage?

  • Relaxation – massage helps the muscles relax through heat generated, circulation and stretching. It may also lower high blood pressure.
  • Flexibility – someone with tight muscles may have better flexibility following treatment.
  • Pain Reduction – massage assists in reducing tension and releases the body’s endorphins, influencing our pain reception.
  • Recovery – massage can help improve recovery from trauma and fatigue.
  • Prevention – massage can assist in the prevention of injury in the long term.
  • Health – massage helps maintain and improve the health of the soft tissues due to the effects on blood circulation.
  • Invigoration/Increased Energy – massage can leave you feeling invigorated and with more energy. This can be of real benefit before an event or competition.
  • Reduces Anxiety – massage induces relaxation which in turn reduces anxiety.
Benefit of Sport Massage

Learn the benefits of a sports massage

Sport massage can have an incredible impact on your physical, physiological and psychological levels.

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